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Chuck is a publisher of financial education materials, an entrepreneur, and journalist.

The Checkout Counter Meltdown

Do your young children use checkout line meltdowns to get their goodies? Here’s a prior-planning strategy to turn a trip to the store into a Money Moment™ A frazzled mom in the grocery checkout line was trying to ignore pleas … Continue reading

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Teach Young Adults to Balance Lifestyle and Income

By Chuck Kuster Help your young adults balance  lifestyle aspirations with income potential.   Our children get career advice from teachers and friends, especially when they reach high school and start career planning. The “help” often includes some sort of reference to … Continue reading

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Pick Your Money Battles Wisely

Instead of nagging about the little stuff, focus money saving efforts where the big money is and engage your children in finding solutions. My parents constantly harped, “Turn off the lights!” I assumed the savings were meaningful which is why … Continue reading

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Dispel Negative Attitudes Toward Saving

By: Chuck Kuster Parents may need to put saving money into a positive light. Here are some thoughts on how to do so:  The goal of our Save Yourself ™ financial education platform is to motivate young people to save … Continue reading

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Snack Budget As Teaching Tool

By: Chuck Kuster   Smart mother uses a snack budget as a teaching tool.  My spouse and I spent a couple days in Disney World earlier in the year. Disney has mastered the art of merchandising, which makes it a … Continue reading

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Today’s Money Environment IS Different

by: Chuck Kuster Your children’s money management environment is different today – and changing rapidly. Parents can be more effective by recognizing key differences. “Things are different!” is a phrase all parents hear, usually while trying to dispense a bit of wisdom … Continue reading

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Is There a Gene for Financial Success?

by: Chuck Kuster If financial education works for wealthy families, won’t it work for the rest of us? Are rich people simply smarter at managing money than the masses? Or, is it something else? There is no denying the “wealthy” have easier … Continue reading

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Money Attitudes Are Taught

by: Chuck Kuster A parent’s attitudes toward wealth, business and capitalism can expand – or limit – a child’s opportunities. What are your comments and attitudes teaching? In his book, “How Rich People Think,” Steven Siebold makes some interesting contrasts in … Continue reading

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The Cost of Kids

Kids might be less demanding when they know what you are already investing into their financial support.    “Dad, can I have $20 for a movie and pizza?” All parents have felt like an ATM dispensing cash for this-and-that. Sometimes, we need … Continue reading

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A Child’s First Attitude-Changing Loan

Middle school student learns harsh realities of a personal loan.    A friend shared a personal story about his first “loan” experience. He was in middle school and wanted a new, expensive bicycle – like his friends had. He had … Continue reading

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