Hello. We are Chuck and Joanne Kuster. We are introducing a new platform for parents interesting in providing their children with an effective financial education.

The idea behind the Save Yourself Financial Education Platform surfaced during an Iowa Talented and Gifted teachers meeting where Joanne was speaking and Chuck was selling educational books at our booth. It was common for teacher-parents to stop at our booth to chat about how they helped their children learn good money management skills and behaviors. That got us wondering: What are these parents doing differently? 

Since both of us are trained journalists, we started probing and soon identified four common elements imbedded in the efforts of those parents who have successfully instilled good money management skills and behaviors. These elements comprise the foundation of our Save Yourself Financial Education Platform for Parents.  That platform and related materials are explained elsewhere on this blog.

This blog offers a stream of ideas and encouragement

In addition to a basic platform, parents tell us they need a steady stream of ideas and encouragement. That’s what this blog is about. Our blogs offer a steady stream of ideas, website reviews, reminders and encouragement.

Through our publishing firm, Dynaminds Publishing, we publish a variety of financial educational books, games, comics and graphic novels. Go here to learn more.

Who are Chuck and Joanne?

We are entrepreneurs, authors and consultants, based near Des Moines, Iowa. Joanne started working in financial education two decades ago – way before financial illiteracy was recognized as a national problem. She has penned several educational children’s books and become a thought-leader on financial education.

Chuck’s background includes 25 years as a trade publication journalist and communications strategist. He became a full-time entrepreneur in 2002 when he formed DynaMinds Publishing.

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