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Money Attitudes Are Taught

by: Chuck Kuster A parent’s attitudes toward wealth, business and capitalism can expand – or limit – a child’s opportunities. What are your comments and attitudes teaching? In his book, “How Rich People Think,” Steven Siebold makes some interesting contrasts in … Continue reading

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The Cost of Kids

Kids might be less demanding when they know what you are already investing into their financial support.    “Dad, can I have $20 for a movie and pizza?” All parents have felt like an ATM dispensing cash for this-and-that. Sometimes, we need … Continue reading

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A Child’s First Attitude-Changing Loan

Middle school student learns harsh realities of a personal loan.    A friend shared a personal story about his first “loan” experience. He was in middle school and wanted a new, expensive bicycle – like his friends had. He had … Continue reading

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Tip for Teaching Spending Limits

By: Chuck Kuster Parents can create opportunities to set spending limits. This clever mother provides children opportunities to make spending choices. I noticed an interesting exchange between a mom and her daughter at a fast-food restaurant. The mother gave the … Continue reading

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