Fun With Pocket Change

Main Message:

Children need to learn that all coins are valuable and should be saved. Emphasize their value by saving, counting and taking them to the bank. Make saving feel like an accomplishment.

Most young kids like coins. So instead of tossing spare change into a jar and forgetting them, consider turning those coins into a Money Moment™.

That can or jar of coins can become a Money Moment.

That can or jar of coins can become a Money Moment.

Some activities include:

  • Counting the coins
  • Wrapping coins with paper sleeves that banks can provide
  • Keeping a running total on the change
  • For younger kids, use heavy aluminum foil and a popsicle stick to do coin rubbings
  • For older kids, practice making change
  • And don’t forget collecting state quarters or other coins can be fun too
  • Draw their own coins – after discussing the elements of coins

What you’re teaching is coins – even pennies – have value and should be saved.

Money Moment

Turn that jar of pocket change into a learning opportunity and fun activity. Pennies saved soon become quarters and quarters become dollars.

About Chuck

Chuck is a publisher of financial education materials, an entrepreneur, and journalist.
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